Arran Ferry

The position on the chart of The “Caledonian Isles”* (shown as a blue dot or arrow) is tracked in real time (refreshing every 100 seconds).  If you check with Calmac’s time table below you can use the plotter to find out if the ferry is running on time. By clicking on the vessel you can access further information including her recent arrival and departure times and check her recent track on the chart.

The tracker is useful for monitoring the boat’s whereabouts when you’re aiming to catch it, particularly when the weather is causing problems.  Hope you find it useful and interesting. You can scroll and zoom the map to check other vessels in wider sea areas (have fun!).

* Note:  The “Caledonian Isles” is replaced by a substitite vessel for three weeks in January.

Arran ferry tracker

The above is an extract of the Calmac Ardrossan to Brodick winter timetable and is valid to 29th March 2012. We advise that you use Calmac’s website timetable for booking and other information. This can be found here:-

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